#DifferentNotLess is a fact

#LeadingWithoutLimits is achievable

#MyBusinessMyWay is how it should be



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#DifferentNotLess is a fact

#LeadingWithoutLimits is achievable

#MyBusinessMyWay is how it should be

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Jennifer Cairns
Founder of Rebel World & Lady Rebel Club®

creating a more REBEL world

If you're a woman or other marginalised gender entrepreneur who's neurodivergent or who has hidden disabilities, you already know that there are paradigms to shift, attitudes to evolve and hearts to open. There is A LOT of work to do to create more inclusion and better equality. Plus we need to be able to remove the feelings of shame, worry and overwhelm often heaped upon us. 

Being rebel means refusing to believe that you can't grow a business that suits you and your definition of success while being happy being your unique self. It's sharing your gold in the best way and leading without those limits that others try and place on you.


That's where we come in. We're here to ENERGISE, EMPOWER and ELEVATE our people. We're here to help you break through those barriers, be the epic rebel leader we know you can be, show the world that different isn't less and help you rock your business and make a massive impact. We're doing this in three ways:



Rebel World Media


Lady Rebel Club®


Rebel Leader Institute

there's a movement for that

Join other women and marginalised gender entrepreneurs who are neurodivergent or who have hidden disabilities. We're here to energise, empower and elevate your voices, profiles, businesses and missions. Why?

We know that #DifferentNotLess is not just a hashtag and that #LeadingWithoutLimits is how we roll! We also know that you CAN grow a brand and business that suits you and your definition of success because it should be #MyBusinessMyWay.

Together we can create real change, open hearts and minds and make things better for ourselves and other rebels like us. We're never alone when we're in this together.

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Want to know more about Jennifer and why she started the Lady Rebel Club® movement? Yes, she's always been a rebel at heart but there's more to the story than that. (;


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