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 Stamp your mark on the world as you elevate your voice, business and mission in an epic way.


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a book experience and so much "more"


Being an author is an amazing experience. It can open doors and build your confidence, reach and authority. Yet, we couldn't help but think about how it could be "more".

More? Yes, more.
More elevation. On more platforms across a bigger mix and for longer.

I know you want to be seen and heard in a BIG way, and this unique experience will do just that by giving you the platforms to speak, write and be seen on.


🎉Speak at our annual 1-Day Rebellion ~ an entrepreneurial festival that is a unique hybrid event mixing entrepreneurship, artists, fashion, speakers and more. It takes place live at select locations and also offers a virtual element.


🎉 Be seen all over key social channels as we promote you, your chapter, your speaking event and much more across our media platforms, partners' platforms and more.


🎉 Star in your own docuseries with the other authors as we bring Rebel With A Cause show to our streaming TV network!


🎉 Write your own chapter in our much acclaimed annual anthology called Rebel With A Cause. Being part of this book is a special experience that allows you to make an impact, leave a lasting legacy, lift your profile to the next level, and connect with unique, purposeful visionaries like you.

At the heart of the Rock Your Rebel Experience...Ultimate Elevation is our book...

 be part of the book experience that showcases how being different doesn't mean being less 

I'm Different Not Less!

Build your authority, increase your reach and be one of the original Lady Rebels to get their story and their mission out to an INTERNATIONAL audience with an elevation package that's full of MORE!

Start with a call to chat about all the awesomeness you can expect or if email is your thing, please contact us at [email protected] to learn more or to let us know how what way to connect suits you best.

I'm Ready!


learn more about our Lady Rebel Club® movement and community at the heart of everything we do

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