Showing the world that being different doesn't mean less!


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when you're different 

We all have hurdles. Yet some of us have higher hurdles than others. That doesn't mean we don't jump them.


Or at least try.


Not every day is a picnic or fun. Yet, we're overcoming stereotypes, leaping over biases, and rock'n our businesses like only we can.

We are Lady Rebel Club® and this is our book.


Read true and inspiring stories, gleam empowering strategies and get ready to take on the world!



I'm Jennifer, Founder of the Lady Rebel Club® movement. I'm rebelling against archaic processes, behaviours and thinking to create a more inclusive and enriched business landscape. I aim to better empower, uplift and ignite women and all marginalised gender, entrepreneurs, small business owners and creatives who are neurodiverse or have disabilities. I want us all to be able to say #NoMoreHiding and not feel the shame, overwhelm or worry often heaped upon us.


What are YOU standing up for?

Who are YOU empowering?

What are YOU changing?

Who are YOU inspiring?

Join us as we empower ourselves and change the world, one book at a time.


Empower Myseldf

Who's Rebel With A Cause and the Rock Your Rebel Experience for? If you're neurodivergent or have a hidden disability and are ready to take everything to new heights... we are looking for YOU!


Rebel With A Cause is a new type of anthology merging unique stories from rebel leaders who are out to empower, inspire, create, change, improve and innovate. They have a cause they are building towards or a people they are out to uplift.

This anthology, coming out autumn 2022, is a book by Lady Rebel Club®, which is a movement and community out to connect, empower and elevate women and other marginalised gender entrepreneurs who are neurodivergent or who have hidden disabilities. 

This book will be highlighting entrepreneurs who not only have had to rebel against archaic processes and cookie-cutter ways to get to where they are but they are doing MORE to make a bigger impact on the world. 

Yes, watch out people... the rebels are coming to town this autumn!


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