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Are you a leader with a rebel story to tell? 

Find out how you can skyrocket your reach and share your mission on a bigger scale.











You're an entrepreneur or business leader who is neurodivergent or who has hidden disabilities. Whether you have ADHD, Dyslexia, are Autistic, have a chronic illness, anxiety disorder, chronic fatigue, chronic pain or whatever your hurdles are... you don't let them stop you from trying to do what you feel called to do.

You've got ideas out the wazoo, are driven to fulfil your purpose, ready to build a real legacy and out to make a big impact.


You also KNOW you should be rock'n your unique superpowers and sharing your gold like only can yet...


You're tired of having to hide parts of you.


You're fed up feeling ashamed or even fearful of what your customers, clients or audience might say "if they knew".


Rebel against the cookie-cutter approach and grow a brand and business on your terms, that suits you and your definition of success. 

No feeling fake. Or having to be perfect.

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Snag access to inspirational interviews with other Rebel Leaders!  Plus, powerful tips and insights to help you better grow a brand and busienss that suits you and your definition of success. ROAR!

Hey, I'm Jennifer.

I'm the voice behind Lady Rebel Club®, an award-winning entrepreneur and Rebel Leader here at Rebel Leader Institute.


After seeing a massive need for a different way for some of us to learn, I designed the Micro-Action Method™ that takes big brand concepts and strategies and breaks them down into fluff-free action-based nuggets. I know you need to learn and implement fast... all while running your business. Plus, life doesn't stop because we want to work on our brand!

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action-based learning designed for humans, not robots


If you're an entrepreneur stuck wasting time on branding, start here. 

I want unstuck!

Lana Simonov @ Metapora

"I wanted to create a complex brand that would stand out and really connect with our audience in an emotive and unique way. Now this is what I have and I am really happy."