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helping our community to share their stories, light their movements and inspire change 


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Yes, that's right! We focus on publishing for women and all marginalised gender entrepreneurs, small business owners, leaders, creatives and authors who are neurodivergent or have disabilities.


We focus on uplifting our community's voices, stories, missions and movements so we can help them make a big impact. Whether you're looking to share your own story, create a fictional one, delight with a children's book, empower with the knowledge or elevate others with an anthology, we have you covered.



Want a book with characters that are fuller and more authentic?

Besides publishing, we can lend you an ear and give you feedback from a lived experience perspective.

Ironically, words often are not enough; certain things have to be lived to be understood. This is why getting insight from real people who have lived the experiences you want to write about is an excellent way to craft the most authentic characters, themes and dialogue.


Examples of experiences you may want to better understand:

- what the day-to-day is really like for a mum who lives with chronic illness, pain, or fatigue while raising two young kids

-  what daily life is like for a black ADHD woman who runs a small business

- what it's like to find out at the age of 50 that you're Autistic and the years of trauma you've to unpack as a result of that


This support can be provided as a read-back service after your story or chapter is written to give you insight into any areas you may want to review and why, at the research or pre-writing stage to give you a deeper understanding and insight, or both. We understand that context is everything and are not out to sanitise or remove any authenticity of voice. We do want opportunities to have more authentic characters and stories that allow the people in our community to feel more (and more fully) represented.


Interested to know more? Let's discuss whether this service is for you and how it works. Everything is both bespoke and confidential. 



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Rebel Heart Publishing is a collaboration combining over 40 years of experience in publishing, arts, media, brand, and strategy.


Jennifer Cairns ~ 

Jennifer’s the Founder of Rebel World LTD and the Lady Rebel Club® movement, where she works to empower, advocate for, connect and elevate women and all marginalised gender entrepreneurs, small business owners, leaders, creatives and authors who are neurodivergent or have disabilities. 

Through Rebel World, she publishes her own books, helps others to bring their stories to life, publishes ROAR Magazine, hosts Rebel Hour Podcast and runs the Lady Rebel Club® TV channel.

Being neurodivergent and having several disabilities, including Fibromyalgia, GAD, CPTSD, seizures, and rare blood cancer, Jennifer knows how high the hurdles can be for humans like her. Her heart, enthusiasm, passion, and grit show in everything she does. 

Jennifer lives in N. Ireland with her husband, two boys and their dog. She's an international bestselling author, mentor, neurodiversity and disability changemaker, artist and self-empowerment speaker.

Charlotte Howard Collins

Award Winning Female Business Growth Expert, Best Selling Author, Publisher,
Producer, BookToker, Speaker, and Self-Made Entrepreneur, Charlotte Howard
Collins works with small businesswomen to multi-millionaire and billionaire female
entrepreneurs developing business growth systems, sales processes, competition-
crushing marketing, compelling offers, and client experiences.

She is the CEO of Wealthy Women Enterprises, Wealthy Women Inner Circle, Wealthy
Women Entrepreneurs Network, Hair Artist Association, and Heart Centered Women
Publishing. She helps her clients generate immediate increases in revenue and profits…
without spending an additional cent on marketing or advertising! Charlotte and her
clients have been featured in thousands of magazines and media outlets. 

She is a loving wife and mom to four beautiful children! In her spare time, she loves hairstyling, exercising, relaxing on the beach, travelling, reading, and writing.

 We know what it's like to feel anxious, overwhelmed and unsure. Bringing your book project to life can feel like walking through quicksand. Luckily, you're not alone. We've been there and having disabilities and being neurodivergent ourselves, we "get it".

Start now by reaching to chat over a zoom with video on or off. Or if email is more your thing, please message us at [email protected]and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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