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Ep3 Shabnam Rakhiba - Chronic Illness & Making Waves

Meet Shabnam Rakhiba, the unapologetic woman empowering women with chronic pain and illness so they reclaim their space and self-confidence. Shabnam is a chronic illness warrior, having battled pain for more than a decade due to endometriosis and fibromyalgia. Shabnam was a seemingly healthy young adult, when she was struck down by unexpected, debilitating pain one night. As the intractable pain spread, overwhelmed her body and started dictating her life, her ambitions and dreams turn to ashes.

With tear-stained perseverance and faith, Shabnam gradually reclaimed her life and dreams. As an empowerment and resilience coach with a background in Psychology and Acceptance & Commitment Coaching, she is now on a mission to support women in awakening the resilience, flexibility and confidence crucial to thriving in today’s unforgiving and hectic world. Born in Mauritius, Shabnam is currently savouring life as an ex-pat in London with her husband and their three children.