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you want to spread your mission and rock the world with your impact


we're here to help you do that




even though we want to rock, we often hide


Despite wanting to rock the world, when we're neurodivergent or have hidden disabilities we can often be made to feel ashamed or fearful. We can worry about others "finding out". We ache to be ourselves yet fret about what our customers/clients, network, peers, institutions and audience will think or say... 

"You're not capable."
"You won't have time."
"You won't be able to do the work."
"You're probably lazy."
"You won't be able to cope."
"This is probably too complicated for you."
"You're just that bit less than."
"You'll probably be off all the time."
"You must get a lot of help to do your work."
"Do you work like a normal person?"
"That's not an actual disability."
"You seem so normal."
"You don't seem like there is anything wrong with you."

So we hide.

Trouble is, when we hide, we hide our gold and the real impact we could be making, too.

the rebels are here 


Watch out world, here we come! #NoMoreHiding
We're here to help you be seen and heard. To spread your mission and grow your brand's reach and your business to boot.

Even if your knees are feeling a little wobbly, don't worry, we got you. You're not alone and together our voices are stronger!


Check out some of our key media channels to help you elevate your voice, story, business and mission: Rebel Hour podcast, ROAR Magazine, Lady Rebel Club® TV network, and our book series, Rebel With A Cause.


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