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life is a journey.

here's a little about mine...




hey, I'm Jennifer 


I suppose this means I need to talk about myself if you've found yourself to this page in the inter-space, so here we go...

I'm from the US, though have lived in N. Ireland for over half of my life now. I spend my, "beautiful mess of a life" as I call it with my hubby, two incredible boys and our funny dog, Milo. I'm a coffeeholic who also loves mint and dandelion root teas. I am entranced by the coast and we spend a lot of time there with the kids. 

Growing up I was often called things like "odd", "weird"and "tomboy".

It wasn't until I was in my forties that I learned I'm neurodivergent, which made a lot of sense and gave a name to that constant feeling of never fitting in. I also have GAD (General Anxiety Disorder), CPTSD, fibromyalgia, migraines, dissociative seizures, paraneoplastic syndrome, chronic nerve pain, facial tics, GERD, IBS, Mannose-Binding Lectin (MBL) Deficiency and a very rare kind of blood cancer.

I always ask people to value me for my experiences, ideas, skills, talents and thinking because I, like you, am a one-of-a-kind genuine goldmine. I have massive value to give. We all do.

there's a lot more to me than my disabilities


I can understand why some people may doubt me or wonder how I will achieve all I say I will. My list of goals and ambitions is even longer than my list of diversities! So what makes me so special? Well, nothing.

I'm not special; I've just realised many things others haven't yet. I've put the time, energy and effort into my business, made a of mistakes, started over and kept going. I'm never perfect, could care less about being fake and am taming the overwhelm. 

Some days are like, "Yes!" and some days I'm like, "Today sucks.". And that's ok, too.

Since you're getting to know me a bit better, you should know I also have fabulous strengths. It took me a long time to figure out how to use them to best be the purposeful, determined and enthusiastic entrepreneur and business leader I am today. Oh, I'm a bit of a rebel, too. 


Being a rebel isn't about destroying. For me, it's about creating, shifting and evolving. I'm an international bestselling author, Self-Empowerment speaker and mentor.

My mission is to EMPOWER, CONNECT, ADVOCATE FOR and ELEVATE others like me. I love skyrocketing the confidence, revenue and impact of women and other marginalised genders who are entrepreneurs, small business owners, leaders or creatives and are neurodivergent or have disabilities.

At Rebel World LTD we launched the Lady Rebel Club® movement in order to open hearts, evolve thinking and support our community so they know they are not alone and that we shouldn't have to hide who we are.

We've created our own media touchpoints and events:
Rebel Hour podcast, cable TV network and shows, ROAR Magazine + more to come! All of these aim to give voice and space to us women and other marginalised gender, entrepreneurs, small business owners, leaders and creatives who are neurodiverse or have disabilities.

#NoMoreHiding, it's time for us to ROCK.

Probably dearest to my heart though is Lady Rebel Club®, which is a community, collective and movement for us rebel leaders. We don't have to be alone and although each of us is very different, we will have lots in common. I see a world that needs some butt-kick'n and reckon that we're the peeps to do it.

There are many external and internal paradigms to shift, thinking and behaviour to evolve and hearts/minds to open across social, business and institutional levels. The job won't be easy yet working together we can overcome that feeling of wanting to hide those "unacceptable" parts of ourselves in order to show up as our wonderfully unique selves and rock the shit outta our brands and businesses.

One of our main mantras is #NoMoreHiding. And it's true. I'm done feeling like I have to hide who I really am simply to please others or make them feel more comfortable.

Plus we'll have a wide-reaching impact on society, too by working to empower ourselves and each other. Life, and business, isn't always easy for us. It isn't always fun. And yes, we often have higher hurdles than most. Yet, I know we can do incredible things and surprise even ourselves if we give ourselves the chance.

You can check out Rebel Leader Institute here and Lady Rebel Club® here. Please email [email protected] if you'd like to arrange any interviews with Jennifer.