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Join our #IAm campaign now!

Let's show the world that we're more than the labels that they give us. We are not going to be limited by someone else's limited beliefs - let's tell the world how WE see ourselves.

Join Fuzia and us as we promote women and all marginalised gender entrepreneurs, small business owners, leaders, network marketers, authors and creatives who are neurodivergent or have a disability... because we are MORE!

I Am More!

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Jennifer Cairns

At Rebel World, we're all about EMPOWERING, CONNECTING, ADVOCATING FOR & ELEVATING women and all marginalised gender entrepreneurs, small business owners, leaders and creatives who are neurodiverse or have disabilities. 

Our Lady Rebel Club® movement, media platforms, publishing projects and annual event are all geared to lift our voices and celebrate how much our community rocks. If you need any information or content in a different format or would like help in applying to be featured please email us at [email protected].

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