Create clear and irresistible branding in 4-hours or less



Yes, I want Branding In A Flash!



Spending 5 bazillion hours swapping one colour for another.


Sick of stressing at your laptop over how your branding is holding you back.


Fed up feeling green with envy at everyone else's perfect branding.

When all you REALLY want is to...


Be excited by branding that stands out and feels tailor-made for you.


Attract people who are overjoyed to buy. 

Enjoy less frustration and more Freetime-Friday!




This is why I created Branding In A Flash.

You have 10 trillion things to do in your business. You can keep wasting time going round in circles...


Or, in less than a day, you could be jumping with joy because you're rock'n new clear and cohesive branding that feels real, stands out, and that'll help you hit those revenue goals you've been dreaming about.

Kersha C. Andrews, Experience Dance

"With Branding In A Flash, I was able to create clear branding and am now more consistent with it, which has greatly simplified my life and business."



Latoya Garrett, Locating Latoya

"Before Branding In A Flash, I kept putting stuff up and taking it back down, even though I knew I could be killing it. But now, I'm energised, confident and showing up and smashing it!"


Branding In A Flash is the online micro-kit that walks you by the hand, so you'll create your own fabulously clear branding. Fast.

Branding In A Flash is the online micro-kit that walks you by the hand, so you'll create your own fabulously clear branding. Fast.


 Branding In A Flash is waiting to help you:


 Stop hiding and start feeling energised and excited, so you show up and smash it.

 Save hassle stressing over branding, so you have more time to get on with growing your business.

 Have the clear and irresistible branding your audience will love and want to buy from.


Stage 1 Decide:

With the Proven Personality Method™, you'll use psychology to create an authentically magnetic brand personality that'll have your people lining up to buy.


Use the Values Matrix to quickly and easily align your brand's values, so your visuals match your vision.


Get the cure to 3-Me Syndrome™ to make sure your branding doesn't just look good but that it influences your audience, so they're more likely to love, buy and share.


Stage 2 Create:

Craft your secret branding super-weapon that will give your branding its laser-like clarity, so it's always on target.


Figure out your fabulous fonts and sensational shapes, so your branding looks as irresistible as a tub of Ben & Jerry's.


Get The Clever Cure for Colour-idis™ and stop wasting time swapping colours around and finally have a main colour-code that looks and feels right. 


Stage 3 Organise:

Sort out images and patterns that fit like a glove, so you're no longer feeling fake and show up feeling for real.


Use Brand Balance to tweak and finalise all your new branding, so you're finally ready for that world domination you've been planning since the age of 10.


See what to pull together in your Brilliant Brand Board, so you ditch the overwhelm and always know where to start with your designs.



12 gorgeous example branding boards that will show you the results of using the secret branding super-weapon so you can snag ideas that will rock your bottom line.


The Fabulous Font Guide gives you over 80 examples of fonts, so you can easily choose the ones that will have your slogans, names and messaging looking as tasty as a chocolate creme bun.


The Brand Season Blueprint breaks down colours, shapes, patterns, pics and more, so you can overcome the overwhelm and create that brand personality that'll have your fans begging you for "More!".


The Personality Power List gives you a lightning-fast shortcut to figuring out your personality traits, so your magnetic personality is only a latte away.


The Value Idea Vault makes sure you choose the values that fit your business best, so there's less crying in your wine glass and more cheering at your bank balance.


The Designer's Little Black Book gives you pro tips so your designs can come together quicker and look like the bee's-knees.


A video walkthrough showing you how to edit and use the blank Brand Season Canva Board, so there's no tech nightmares, only sweet dreams as you create your Brilliant Brand Season Board.



If you want to finally put that stress ball in the bin and create your own beautiful branding that cracks the online business code, sign-up for Branding In A Flash now. 


Even if you have no idea where to start or have worked on your branding before, but the results were less than amaze-balls, Branding In A Flash will help you reach those record-breaking revenue goals while creating a business that feels more like you.

Click below to sign up for Branding In A Flash, so you can start loving the business you're in and building the fans you deserve.

Yes! I want Branding In A Flash!


"Branding In A Flash gave me a ton of clarity on how to make everything cohesive with my brand voice, the vibe, the right colour season that aligned with my message. It was super easy yet thought-provoking!"

Kaeleya Baerwyn Rayne, Unstoppable Feminine Leaders

Why is clear and cohesive branding so important? 

So glad you asked! Here's a little demo using scarves. ;)


If you're ready to ditch the stress ball and gain that spark to skyrocket your sales, sign up for Branding In A Flash now.



Just Imagine...

You could spend the afternoon still stressing over colours and designs.

Or you could sign up for Branding In A Flash and, in 4-hours or less, get exactly what you need to create fabulously clear branding that has you:


Celebrating hitting that revenue goal you wrote down in your journal last year.


Rejoicing as what's on the page now matches what's in your head.


Overjoyed as "me time" now actually means hanging with friends and family versus staying chained to your laptop.


Heck Yes! I want Branding In A Flash!
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  • You'll then get a link giving you instant access to our academy and your micro-kit, Branding In A Flash, where you'll have instant access to ALL the videos, workbooks and bonuses included.
  • Due to the digital nature of this product and the full instant access, there will be no returns after purchase.



You're like one of these...

Chelsea Change-A-Lot

Are you constantly changing your colours and branding around? You can't seem to find a mix that 'feels right'? You're wasting so much time, energy and effort on this. Plus, you're wearing your audience out, too. That means fewer sales and one step closer to scrub-ville.


You-Tube Yollanda & Social Sally

Bingeing all the business videos? Or checking out just 'a few more' Pinterest boards? It's one thing staying up late to learn how to chalk paint that tatty looking table (#Props) but running yourself into the ground to work on your branding is a whole different kettle of fish. This is precious time away from your family and business. Meanwhile, your branding is no further along. 

Envious Ellen

Are you constantly scrolling through Facebook and ogling Instagram? Sick of trying to figure out how your competitors seem to look so good when you feel unsure? You need to get clear on your branding basics and create some cohesion you can stick with. Otherwise, you'll keep scrolling and scrolling...

And scrolling...

(still scrolling...)


I Don't Need A Brand-Sam

Branding-shmanding. Who needs it? Well, you.

If your sales are lacking and you can't build an audience of adoring fans wanting autographs and buying your products and offers, your branding is probably doing more confusing than converting. Ok, maybe I exaggerate on the autograph aspect, but you get my point.

Branding In A Flash walks you step-by-step as you take action to DECIDE, CREATE & ORGANISE your new branding. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...

Stage 1: DECIDE

✮ Mindset reset - learn two great hacks for overcoming the overwhelm and getting things done quicker.

✮ Branding basics so you don't feel lost in the dark looking for that light switch.

✮ Align your brand’s vision, so you have branding that feels right for you and is snazzy enough for your audience to buy.

✮ Decide your brand’s personality matrix and primary trait, so you have branding that fits your business and helps you stand out in a sea of "same".

✮ Decide your brand’s primary value and value mix, so there's no wishy-washy branding going on.

Stage 2: CREATE

✮ Select and create your Brilliant Brand Season so you'll have structure moving forward that helps you design like a pro.

✮ Select the key colours that will help you sell, like hotcakes.

✮ Select the key fonts that help complete your style, so your branding always goes out dressed-to-impressed.

✮ Pick ideas for shapes, patterns and images, so your branding really has that magnetic pull.


✮ Finalise the final colour palette, so you never again shout, "What colour code is that again?" and start shouting ", OMG! That's another client booked!"


✮ Finalise some specific shapes, patterns and images, so your designing lightning-fast and able to take those extra-long tea break afterwards (choccy biscuit as well, of course).

✮ Create your own brand season board that will help you create clear, cohesive branding now and in the future. This is the special sauce that will make your branding and business tasty and irresistible, so you have new customers swarming you.

BONUS: These are the secret ingredients that will help you get more done, to a better standard and in less time. You'll be able to have your own fabulously clear branding out the door in less than a day.

Here's everything you'll get when you buy Branding In A Flash now:

SLAP VIP BONUS 1-1 30min call $185 value!

Four-part video series guiding you through key points of the process and giving you extra tips along the way. Value $70

Two powerful workbooks
walking you step-by-step as you take action to create your amazing branding. Value $127

12 gorgeous brand season example boards
designed to give you three different personality vibes per season to help you kickstart your own brand season board. Value of $497 (Bonus)


The Fabulous Font Guide gives you nearly 80 visual examples of fonts with names and even links to make deciding and downloading a breeze. Value $97 (Bonus)


The Brand Season Blueprint will give you a ton of insight and save you a heap of time by categorising personality traits, colours, shapes, patterns, images/photography, design and even brand voice into each of the four brand seasons. Value $97 (Bonus)


The Personality Power List designed to help you figure out your primary personality and other personality traits. Value $57 (Bonus)


The Value Idea Vault helps you quickly and easily brainstorm values. Value $37 (Bonus)


The Designer's Little Black Book gives you lots of insight and tips from top designers. Value $127 (Bonus)


A video walkthrough showing you how to edit and use the blank Brand Season Canva Board so there's no tech barrier or overwhelm when it's time to finalise and organise your branding. Value $47 (Bonus)


Give me Branding In A Flash Now!

Don't let the term mirco-kit fool you! Even though it's quick and easy to implement; this huge, gigantic, enormous whopper has a value of $1,341! And for a limited time, you can snag it for only $399!

Salma Ibrahim, Teteria

"Jennifer knows how to guide you on building a brand."

Addea Amoa, Poppie & George

"I've been able to get very clear on core elements of my brand and my audience and now have the kind of brand my products deserve."

Aina Brence, Fashion Designer

"Jennifer is brilliant at what she does and really understands branding!"

Halimatu Ali, The Main

"OMG. My brand... is going to be AMAZING!"